Rollins College || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Callie & Zach

You’ll soon realize after the next few blogs that I frequent the Winter Park area for engagement sessions a lot. 🙂 Because of this and as I’ve mentioned before, I like to try to photograph it in a different way from when I was there last. For Callie & Zach’s session, we brainstormed ideas that might work for their session. They mentioned they had shared a first date as well as many other dates together at Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub. The pub is super close to Rollins so I had the idea of starting off with the infamous wall mural at Ravenous Pig and then venturing Fairbanks towards the pub for some unique images along there. We then ended the session at the Rollins College Dinky Dock and I think we timed everything really well that afternoon considering all the places we were able to capture. By the time we reached Rollins the light was looking extra lovely and I was able to pick up some of my favorite shots of the evening there. I love this session for many reasons. For one, it pushed me to try some new things and play with new backgrounds & textures. Winter Park is heavily photographed for engagement sessions and I’m thankful Callie & Zach were open to being photographed around areas I hadn’t seen in photos yet. It’s easy to forget what’s outside of the goto locations of Winter Park. It was great to be able to showcase just how trendy and artsy it really is around there! Another reason I love this session is that Callie & Zach were such a sweet couple to photograph. They were super playful & lovely towards each other and I think it translated very well in their photos. These sweeties will be tying the knot early next year and I can’t wait to kick off 2017 with what I know is going to be a gorgeous Wedding day! 🙂

Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_024 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_022 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_001 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_019 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_018 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_014 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_003 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_017 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_015 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_016 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_035 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_005 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_027 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_020 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_021 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_002 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_013 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_004 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_012 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_007 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_029 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_006 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_028 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_030 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_031 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_032 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_033 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_034 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_036 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_037 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_011 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_025 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_026 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_010 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_038 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_008 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_039 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_040 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_009 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_041 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_043 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_042 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_044 sign

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