Tamra + Brian

Here are what I believe are the highlight images from Tamra & Brian’s Wedding day in Port Orange’s Tavern and Chapel in the Garden. We had never shot engagement pictures together but I had previously met Brian at Christal & AJ’s Wedding last year when he was a Groomsman for them. Little did I realize that I had also taken a few sneaky candids of him and his Bride-to-Be, Tamra, at Christal and AJ’s wedding too. I was overjoyed when Brian contacted me once he and Tamra started planning their own Wedding. I didn’t get to properly meet Tamra until a few days before their Wedding. It’s quite rare to only communicate with the Groom about Wedding Photography details as I think the general thought is that “it’s all about the Bride” which I don’t think should always be the case so It’s nice to see the men get stuck into some Wedding planning every now and again. 😉 I hadn’t photographed The Tavern and Chapel in a couple of years but I know the grounds rather well and love any venue that “has it all”. They have a perfect area for you to get ready, inside and outside options for your Ceremony, and a really cute Reception building all in one place. 🙂 I also had the wonderful (and newly engaged!) Cat Melnyk second shooting on Tamra & Brian’s day with me and I think she did a beautiful job. I can’t wait to work with her again! Tamra and Brian’s day was perfect from start to finish. They were a really sweet and down-to-earth couple. Such a joy to photograph! We had some pretty awful weather brewing throughout the day and somehow we were able to pull off all pictures post Ceremony before it REALLY began to rain. Loved photographing this day for Tamra & Brian! 🙂

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To see more from Tamra and Brian’s Port Orange Wedding Day, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow, or simply view it here:

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