The Royal Crest Room || Saint Cloud, FL

Bride & Groom: Natasha & Bryan
Ceremony/Reception: The Royal Crest Room
Rentals: A Chair Affair
Linens: CBS Linens
DJ & Lighting: Orlando DJ & Lighting

Below are a few favorites and highlights from Natasha & Bryan’s Wedding Day at Saint Cloud’s Royal Crest Room. The day was beautiful and incredibly fun to capture for these sweet human beings and their families!

And onto the unrelated personal questions about me:

  • Are you a creature of habit? Explain. – I can be a creature of habit. I think everybody has those tendencies but I can also be quite sporadic and unpredictable in the way I do things too. I think as long as your habits are relatively good habits everything is all good. I think my closest friends and family could probably pick out my habits quite easily. Off the top of my head, I know that I’m really bad with directions and knowing where I am. If I didn’t have some sort of navigation system or my phone maps I’d literally be lost.I’m not just talking about long distances either. Even places I go to all the time I usually plug in the directions just to make sure I’m on the right track. I day dream when I drive so it’s very easy for me to just keep driving onwards and forget where I’m headed. lol.
  • Are you high maintenance? Explain. – Not at all. Well maybe a little more than I used to be which isn’t saying a lot. I do like really nice things but I’m not one for getting my nails, hair, and all the other physical things done. I do love my make-up but I only wear it when I go out and do look it as a form of artistry. I watch a lot of beauty vloggers on YouTube so I know about most of the good high and low range beauty products. I would’ve loved to have done that as a career. There’s a ton of really sweet make-up artists in the Wedding industry whose work I admire.

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