Rosen Plaza || Orlando, FL

Bride & Groom: Amber & Rajiv
Ceremony/Reception: Rosen Plaza
VideographyMake You Marq

I loved everything Amber and Rajiv’s Wedding day brought to the table on this blissful January day. I knew immediately upon meeting this sweet couple that their Wedding day was going to be gorgeous with a touches of their great style and personalities around every corner. Some of the details that stood out greatly for me throughout the day were Amber’s gorgeously detailed dress. There’s just something about lace that photographs so beautifully. Something else that I adored were the bridesmaid dresses which were light in color and flowy. Rajiv and his men spiffed up nicely while they wore matching suits complimenting the Wedding day hues. Amber & Rajiv exchanged vows and rings inside the ballroom of Rosen Plaza with the ceremony being led by close family members. This location was a first for me and I so enjoyed capturing their Wedding there. Amber & Rajiv had opted for a First Look as their Ceremony wouldn’t be until the early evening once the sun had partially gone down. Because of this, we were able to capture so gorgeous moments of the two of them and then with their family and bridal party. After the Ceremony, we were able to get to one of the large hotel balconies and capture a few images with the newly weds & bridal party. It was basically nighttime at this point but all available light sources were used to capture images I’m really pleased with. It was then onto a celebratory reception so that the happy couple could dance the night away among family and friends. Amber & Rajiv’s Wedding day was so filled with so much Love, laughter and fun. It was the perfect recipe for a perfect day and I loved that I was there to capture it all.

Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_003 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_005 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_006 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_001 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_004 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_010 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_007 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_009 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_008 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_016 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_015 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_017 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_011 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_012 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_013 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_014 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_019 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_018 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_020 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_021 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_022 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_023 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_024 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_025 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_026 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_027 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_028 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_029 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_030 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_031 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_032 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_033 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_034 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_035 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_036 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_038 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_037 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_039 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_041 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_040 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_042 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_043 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_044 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_045 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_047 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_046 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_050 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_048 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_049 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_051 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_052 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_053 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_054 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_055 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_056 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_057 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_058 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_059 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_061 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_060 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_062 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_063 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_064 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_065 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_066 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_067 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_069 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_068 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_070 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_071 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_072 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_073 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_074 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_075 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_077 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_078 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_080 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_079 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_082 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_081 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_083 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_076 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_085 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_086 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_087 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_088 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_089 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_090 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_091 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_103 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_092 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_093 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_094 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_095 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_096 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_084 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_097 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_098 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_099 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_101 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_100 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_102 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_104   Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_106 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_107 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_105 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_108 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_110 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_111 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_112 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_113 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_114 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_115 Rosen_Plaza_Orlando_Wedding_109 sign

Rollins College || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Shaina & Michael

It appears as though it’ve been posting quite a few Winter Park engagement sessions on the blog lately so I figure best to keep that streak going! 😉 Today, I’ve selected some of the highlight images and a bunch of personal selections from Shaina & Michael’s session. We started the afternoon off with a few captures along my favorite Winter Park road and then of course completing the session at Rollins college.

One of the great things I enjoy at Rollins college is the amount of areas there are to photograph around. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve captured the school, I always manage to find new areas I want to document. Finding a way to look at Rollins differently from the last time is always a goal of mine too. But we did actually stumble upon quite a bit gorgeous weather & lighting all throughout the afternoon. Overcast weather is my fave when taking pictures in Florida and this day was no different!

I SO enjoyed photographing this session for Shaina & Michael. They are the sweetest, most down-to-earth couple and they are a complete joy to capture. They were effortlessly able to make each other laugh in front of the camera which is just a dream to photograph. They were also very trusting of the photographic vision I had for their images. I also love that Shaina and Michael picked a location that was sentimental to the two of them and their relationship because I feel it gave their pictures that little extra uniqueness.

Overall, I’m really pleased we had this opportunity to get to know one another better and talk all things Wedding related. Their day will be one of a few Weddings in January to kick off 2017 and simply can’t wait to capture what I know is going to be a stunning event!

Winter_Park_Engagement_Session004 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session003 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session002 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session001 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session005 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session006 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session008 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session009 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session007 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session010 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session011 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session012 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session013 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session016 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session015 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session014 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session017 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session019 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session020 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session018 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session021 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session022 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session023 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session024 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session027 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session025 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session026 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session028 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session029 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session030 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session031 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session032 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session033 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session034 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session035 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session036 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session037 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session041 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session039 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session040 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session042 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session038 Winter_Park_Engagement_Session043 sign

  1. Mom says:

    You two😍😍
    So beautiful together!

  2. ellen dreznin says:

    Beautiful couple I wish the both of you happiness together always

Lake Mary Events Center || Lake Mary, FL

Bride & Groom: Jessica & John
Ceremony/Reception: Lake Mark Events Center
Getting Ready Location: Homewood Suite by Hilton Lake Mary 

Jessica & John’s day was THE Wedding to kick off 2016! I have a ton of personal highlights from their beautiful day and I’m excited to share a handful of them here. Everything about Jessica & John’s day was effortlessly gorgeous. Jessica looked absolutely stunning in her three-quarter illusion sleeved ballgown surrounded by her ladies dressed all in grey and carrying baby’s breath. This sweet couple opted for a First Look as their Ceremony at the wonderful Lake Mary Events Center wasn’t set to start until the early evening of this past January. Since they decided to see each other before the wedding, it allowed us to utilize the gorgeous Winter sunset Florida had been offering all through Winter. We were also able to venture around their Wedding venue for all the best photo opportunities there and get all the family portraits completed pre-ceremony. With that being said, this was actually one of the coldest days we had experienced this past January and I was only moderately prepared for just how cold it was going to be throughout the day. What accentuated that more was the strong cold breeze we were having after the ceremony! Even so, Jessica & John were troopers the entire day and it gave us an opportunity to capture some really sweet moments and warm cuddles together. I loved Jessica’s hair and tiara details she paired with her dress. She went super glitzy with her shoes while nodding to her Wedding colors which reminded me of how pleased I am that the sparkly and non-white wedding shoes are still a trend in the Wedding world! Jessica, John, their friends and family were so sweet and welcoming throughout the day. I enjoyed every moment of photographing this perfectly beautiful day for them.

Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_001 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_002 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_004 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_003 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_007 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_005 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_006 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_008 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_009 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_010 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_012 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_013 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_014 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_023 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_015 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_016 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_017 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_019 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_020 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_021 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_022 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_024 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_025 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_026 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_027 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_028 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_029 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_030 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_032 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_031 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_035 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_036 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_038 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_039 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_037 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_040 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_041 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_042 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_044 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_045 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_046 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_047 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_043 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_048 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_049 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_050 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_051 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_053 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_054 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_055 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_052 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_056 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_057 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_058 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_061 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_062 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_064 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_068 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_065 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_066 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_067 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_063 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_059 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_060 Lake_Mary_Events_Center_Wedding_069 sign

Siesta Key Beach || Siesta Key, FL

Couple: Brittany & Ryan

I’d best start with Happy September! I’m so excited about this month. It’s the second round of Florida Wedding season and I’m ready to kick the month off right. 🙂 I’m thinking about starting the new month with a bit more of structure and keeping things up to speed on the blog but we’ll see how it all goes. Positive thinking!

Here are some highlight images from Brittany and Ryan’s Siesta Key engagement session by the beach. These two are so super sweet together and incredibly laid back. They also have the cutest son ever. They brought him along for a few family images as well as images of just Brittany & Ryan. Aiden quickly became my little assistant giving his mom and dad pointers on how to pose and when to look at the camera which was hilarious and impossibly cute! 🙂  We started off their session walking along the sand towards the residential condos next where all the shade was hiding. We stumbled upon a turtle which was pretty cool as I don’t think I had seen one up close before. We then moved the session over to a small wooded boardwalk which had stairs that lead onto the beach. This area contained lots of large rocks to pose this sweet family against with the Floridan staple palm trees blowing in breeze in the background of their images. Once the sun had set a little, Brittany & Ryan had an outfit change and we finished the second half of their session along the shoreline. They later got married at Lake Lucerne in Downtown Orlando which turned out to be a stunning day. I can’t wait to share those images here. But until then, feast you eyes upon this stunning beach themed engagement session of two lovely people and their adorable little boy.

Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_001 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_002 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_003 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_004 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_005 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_006 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_007 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_008 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_009 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_010 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_011 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_012 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_013 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_014 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_015 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_016 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_017 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_018 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_019 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_020 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_021 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_022 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_023 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_024 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_025 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_026 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_027 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_028 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_029 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_030 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_031 Siesta_Key_Engagement_Session_032 sign

Disney Dream Cruise Line || Port Canaveral, FL – Bahamas

Bride & Groom: Charise & Jordan
Ceremony/Reception: Disney Dream Cruise
Getting Ready Location: Senses Spa

Firstly, it also has to be said that this Wedding had to be my favorite of 2015 for obvious reasons. Charise first got in touch with me to photograph her Disney cruise wedding. I’ve photographed plenty of these now but I have to say each one keeps getting more and more fun. Each one is so different too which I love. Charise & Jordan’s day started of on board in Disney Dream’s Sense Spa & Salon where Charise was having her hair done. She was so relaxed and just generally enjoying the hours leading up to her walk down the aisle. During this time I was able to capture her Wedding dress and details about the ship. I give myself a little over an hour to accomplish these images because the ship is huge and most of that time is used moving from one end of the ship to the other. Luckily, it wasn’t too busy with guests on board as mostly everybody hadn’t gotten off to explore the Nassau port. I later ventured over to Jordan’s stateroom where he was getting ready with the help of his mother. She had gifted him with sand timer cufflinks which were adorable. Charise and Jordan had opted for a First Look which I have photographed a few of on the Dream. I wanted to try something different from the staircase this time so we used the Enchanted Garden restaurant which is one of my faves on board! After photos with the two of them around the ship and with their family we headed to Outlook lounge where they exchanged the sweetest of vows, cut cake, danced, and sipped celebratory champagne. The next day we all got off the ship to explore Castaway Cay and photograph Charise & Jordan all around the gorgeous Disney island. I love how playful and sweet those images turned out. The entire cruise and Wedding was such a dream to capture for this lovely couple. We had a blast! 🙂

Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_001 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_002 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_003 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_004 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_005 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_006 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_007 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_008 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_009 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_010 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_011 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_012 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_013 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_014 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_015 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_017 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_018 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_019 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_021 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_020 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_016 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_022 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_023 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_024 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_025 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_026 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_027 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_028 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_029 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_030 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_031 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_032 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_033 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_034 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_035 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_036 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_037 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_038 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_039 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_040 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_041 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_042 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_043 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_044 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_045 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_046 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_047 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_049 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_050 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_051 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_052 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_053 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_054 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_055 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_056 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_057 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_058 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_059 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_060 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_063 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_065 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_064 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_061 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_066 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_062 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_067 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_068 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_069 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_071 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_072 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_073 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_074 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_079 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_080 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_075 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_076 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_077 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_078 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_081 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_083 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_082 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_084 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_085 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_089 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_091 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_090 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_088 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_092 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_087 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_093 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_094 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_095 Disney_Dream_Cruise_Wedding_Bahamas_096 sign

Heaven Events Center || Orlando, FL

Bride & Groom: Stephanie & Francis
Ceremony/ReceptionHeaven Events Center
Getting Ready Location: Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport
Bridesmaid DressesThe Daint Yard

Here are what I believe are the highlight images from Stephanie & Francis’ Wedding day at Heaven Event Center in Orlando. You may remember these two from their stunning Winter Park engagement session which was also recently featured on the Truly Engaging blog. I had met these two sweeties through a mutual good friend of ours, Lucy, who is in my close circle of girlies. I was overjoyed when Stephanie contacted me once she and Francis started planning their Wedding. We initially met up to discuss all things Wedding and then around later in the year we were able to get to know each other better during that stunning engagement session. I hadn’t photographed Heaven Event Center in a couple of years but I know the grounds rather well and love any venue that “has it all”. It’s certainly the definition of “blank canvases” that you can pretty much transform into whatever Wedding dream you have which I love. Stephanie & Francis definitely went for a modernly elegant feel. They have a couple of options as far as getting ready areas there but Stephanie and Francis opted to complete this portion of the day at a nearby hotel. Sadly, Heaven Events isn’t known for it’s exterior options as far as photographs go for before and after so we decided to head to Cypress Grove Estate which was a huge risk because of the lighting situation and because of the amount of time we had post Ceremony. However, after much planning ahead and a lot of trust on Stephanie and Francis’ part, I think it all worked out really well. This day ended up being such a joy to photograph and boy, did they have party during the reception?! I don’t think I’ve photographed a reception with that much fun and energy ever. Great end to a gorgeous day!  Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_021 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_023 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_022 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_024 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_025 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_026 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_028 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_029 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_030 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_031 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_027 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_034 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_035 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_036 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_037 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_040 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_039 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_041 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_042 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_043 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_044 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_045 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_049 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_046 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_047 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_048 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_001 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_002 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_003 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_004 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_005 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_007 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_009 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_010 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_014 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_015 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_016 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_018 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_017 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_019 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_056 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_053 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_057 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_059 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_058 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_060 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_062 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_063 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_064 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_013 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_012 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_066 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_011 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_067 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_068 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_069 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_070 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_071 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_072 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_073 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_074 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_075 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_076 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_077 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_079 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_080 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_082 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_083 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_050 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_051 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_052 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_054 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_084 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_087 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_088 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_089 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_090 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_091 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_092 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_093 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_094 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_095 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_097 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_098 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_102 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_099 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_101 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_104 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_105 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_106 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_107 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_108 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_109 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_111 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_112 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_114 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_115 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_116 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_119 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_120 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_121 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_122 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_123 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_124 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_125 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_126 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_129 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_130 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_131 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_132 Heaven_Events_Center_Wedding_133 sign

Noah Event Venue || Lake Mary, FL

Bride & Groom: Dana & Noah
Ceremony/ReceptionNoah Event Venue
Coordinator: Jessica Eckhart
DJ/MusicMeister Productions
Dress Designer: Oleg Cassini at David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid DressesDavid’s Bridal
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I’m way excited about posting images from Dana & Noah’s Wedding Day. This was such an awesome day with a great team of people helping to make it wonderful. Dana and Noah had originally got in touch with me through their Dana’s brother, Anthony whose Wedding I photographed when he wed Shelbi who at the time I knew as a hair and make-up girl for a couple of Weddings I had photographed but she’s now too a talented Photographer. The mere mention of Shelbi & Anthony and I just knew Dana & Noah were going to be amazing to work with and that their wedding was going to be really fun to photograph. Dana made an absolutely stunning Bride and was so relaxed throughout the day. Noah and his groomsmen looked pretty dapper too. Dana and her girls got ready at her parents family home in Lake Mary which was great as they were far away from the boys getting ready location! Dana and Noah opted for a First Look which gave us ample time to knock out the majority of their Bridal Party images and images of the two of them together. This sweet couple then exchanged vows at the very beautiful Noah Event Venue and also held their reception there too. This was a venue I had never been to before and I was really excited to see what was there to play with photographically. They also incorporated Thanksgiving colors and themes into their decor.  Dana & Noah’s day was so beautiful and I enjoyed every moment of documenting it. They were a dream to work with.

Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_001 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_002 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_003 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_004 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_006 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_007 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_008 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_009 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_010 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_011 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_012 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_013 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_014 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_015 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_016 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_017 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_018 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_019 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_020 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_022 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_021 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_023 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_024 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_026 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_025 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_027 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_028 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_029 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_030 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_031 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_032 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_033 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_034 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_035 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_036 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_037 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_038 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_039 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_040 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_041 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_042 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_044 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_043 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_045 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_046 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_047 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_048 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_049 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_050 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_051 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_052 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_053 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_054 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_055 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_056 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_057 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_058 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_059 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_060 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_061 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_062 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_063 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_064 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_065 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_071 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_073 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_072 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_074 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_075 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_076 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_077 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_079 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_080 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_078 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_081 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_082 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_083 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_084 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_066 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_067 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_068 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_069 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_070 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_086 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_088 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_089 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_090 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_091 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_092 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_093 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_094 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_097 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_098 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_099 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_100 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_101 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_102 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_103 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_105 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_106 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_107 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_108 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_110 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_111 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_112 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_113 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_114 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_115 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_116 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_117 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_118 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_119 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_121 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_122 Noah_Event_Venue_Lake_Mary_118 sign

Historic Winter Garden || Winter Garden, FL

Couple: Alexa & Randall

Here are my favorite images from Alexa & Randall’s Historic Winter Garden Engagement session. They actually got married in Jamaica this past March and I’ll be blogging their gorgeous Montego Bay Wedding Day very soon! So, Alexa is my very amazing hair girl! I have to say it took me forever to find a hairdresser I loved here once I started living in Winter Garden. I have a lot of hair that I like to do crazy things with from time to time so it was important to me to find someone who was great at what they do and that I could connect with. Lord knows I’m going to be sitting in that hair chair for a couple of hours with the mane I have so I may as well pick someone exceptional. Alexa has been my hair girl for years now and I was so excited when she inquired about getting her engagement and Wedding images captured by me. These two are so incredibly fun to be around.

During their engagement session I know Randall was a little nervous to begin with and for no reason at all as I quickly learned these two photograph so beautifully together. They met in High School and when it was finally time for Randall to start picking out engagement rings he helped to design it for what would be perfect for his future Wife. 🙂 It’s still hands down one of the prettiest engagement rings I’ve seen in a while. And because they were planning to be wed in Jamaica, Alexa brought a couple of “one love” key chains to incorporate into they’re session. We started off venturing about Plant Street and then ended the session on the dock next to Tanner Hall. The session was a blast and I can’t wait to share some Wedding faves soon! 🙂

Winter_Garden_Engagement_046 Winter_Garden_Engagement_Session_001 Winter_Garden_Engagement_047 Winter_Garden_Engagement_048 Winter_Garden_Engagement_049 Winter_Garden_Engagement_050 Winter_Garden_Engagement_051 Winter_Garden_Engagement_052 Winter_Garden_Engagement_053 Winter_Garden_Engagement_054 Winter_Garden_Engagement_055 Winter_Garden_Engagement_056 Winter_Garden_Engagement_057 Winter_Garden_Engagement_058 Winter_Garden_Engagement_059 Winter_Garden_Engagement_060 Winter_Garden_Engagement_061 Winter_Garden_Engagement_062 Winter_Garden_Engagement_063 Winter_Garden_Engagement_064 Winter_Garden_Engagement_065 Winter_Garden_Engagement_066 Winter_Garden_Engagement_067 Winter_Garden_Engagement_068 Winter_Garden_Engagement_069 Winter_Garden_Engagement_070 Winter_Garden_Engagement_071 sign

Rollins College || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Callie & Zach

You’ll soon realize after the next few blogs that I frequent the Winter Park area for engagement sessions a lot. 🙂 Because of this and as I’ve mentioned before, I like to try to photograph it in a different way from when I was there last. For Callie & Zach’s session, we brainstormed ideas that might work for their session. They mentioned they had shared a first date as well as many other dates together at Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub. The pub is super close to Rollins so I had the idea of starting off with the infamous wall mural at Ravenous Pig and then venturing Fairbanks towards the pub for some unique images along there. We then ended the session at the Rollins College Dinky Dock and I think we timed everything really well that afternoon considering all the places we were able to capture. By the time we reached Rollins the light was looking extra lovely and I was able to pick up some of my favorite shots of the evening there. I love this session for many reasons. For one, it pushed me to try some new things and play with new backgrounds & textures. Winter Park is heavily photographed for engagement sessions and I’m thankful Callie & Zach were open to being photographed around areas I hadn’t seen in photos yet. It’s easy to forget what’s outside of the goto locations of Winter Park. It was great to be able to showcase just how trendy and artsy it really is around there! Another reason I love this session is that Callie & Zach were such a sweet couple to photograph. They were super playful & lovely towards each other and I think it translated very well in their photos. These sweeties will be tying the knot early next year and I can’t wait to kick off 2017 with what I know is going to be a gorgeous Wedding day! 🙂

Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_024 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_022 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_001 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_019 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_018 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_014 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_003 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_017 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_015 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_016 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_035 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_005 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_027 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_020 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_021 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_002 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_013 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_004 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_012 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_007 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_029 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_006 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_028 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_030 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_031 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_032 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_033 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_034 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_036 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_037 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_011 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_025 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_026 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_010 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_038 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_008 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_039 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_040 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_009 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_041 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_043 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_042 Winter_Park_Rollins_Engagement_044 sign

Grantham Point Park || Mount Dora, FL

Couple: Kelsey & AJ

Here’s a little session I photographed in Mount Dora on a rather drizzly November afternoon. It was specifically photographed in Grantham Point Park and features a lighthouse, park, dock area, and a bunch of other naturalistic elements perfect for a borderline nautical inspired session. 🙂 Kelsey & AJ finally tied the knot at the beginning of this year and oh em gee that entire Wedding was stunner from start to finish! I can’t wait to share that one. Until then, here’s a few highlight images from their engagement session. I started to capture the two of them walking along the small boardwalk area near by to the lighthouse before moving onto all the other gorgeous areas this location has to offer. I really loved the outfits these two picked out for their session. I think they coordinated their colors really well and they looked comfortable which is key during your photos. Kelsey & AJ also incorporated their love for fishing. I’ve never fished in my life but these two made it look way cuter than I ever could. 😛 We later took the session to the dock area where I was able to photograph them from afar and get some pretty sweet negative space images surrounded by the lake while they just sat there and looked extra adorable. 🙂 There was something very effortless and natural in the way Kelsey & AJ displayed their affection towards one another. It’s the type of serene but fun energy that I love to photograph and these two brought that in spades. Having a great location, lighting, and “pose” ideas is only half the battle when it comes to engagement sessions. Challenging yourself to get the images that translate the most about the couples uniqueness is high on that list and hopefully that’s what’s clear about Kelsey & AJ’s images too. 🙂

Mount_Dora_Engagement_024 Mount_Dora_Engagement_023 Mount_Dora_Engagement_022 Mount_Dora_Engagement_021 Mount_Dora_Engagement_020 Mount_Dora_Engagement_019 Mount_Dora_Engagement_018 Mount_Dora_Engagement_005 Mount_Dora_Engagement_017 Mount_Dora_Engagement_016 Mount_Dora_Engagement_015 Mount_Dora_Engagement_014 Mount_Dora_Engagement_004 Mount_Dora_Engagement_003 Mount_Dora_Engagement_013 Mount_Dora_Engagement_002 Mount_Dora_Engagement_012 Mount_Dora_Engagement_011 Mount_Dora_Engagement_001 Mount_Dora_Engagement_031 Mount_Dora_Engagement_032 Mount_Dora_Engagement_007 Mount_Dora_Engagement_034 Mount_Dora_Engagement_033 Mount_Dora_Engagement_006 Mount_Dora_Engagement_035 Mount_Dora_Engagement_027 Mount_Dora_Engagement_009 Mount_Dora_Engagement_030 Mount_Dora_Engagement_008 Mount_Dora_Engagement_029 Mount_Dora_Engagement_028 Mount_Dora_Engagement_025 Mount_Dora_Engagement_026 Mount_Dora_Engagement_045 Mount_Dora_Engagement_042 Mount_Dora_Engagement_043 Mount_Dora_Engagement_041 Mount_Dora_Engagement_047 Mount_Dora_Engagement_010 Mount_Dora_Engagement_046 Mount_Dora_Engagement_039 Mount_Dora_Engagement_038 Mount_Dora_Engagement_040 Mount_Dora_Engagement_036 Mount_Dora_Engagement_048 sign