Downtown Kissimmee || Kissimmee, FL

Bride & Groom: Natasha & Bryan

And her we have the lovely engagement session of Natasha & her Bryan. 🙂 I photographed their wedding just a few weeks ago and I’m very excited to share highlight images from that day soon. Until then, let me tell you all about their afternoon photo session in Downtown Kissimmee. I had been to this side of town in quite some time and I was pretty excited for a change of scenery!

We started off the session at Kissimmee Fire Department where Bryan works as a firefighter. Luckily we were able to squeeze in some images with the fire truck which was fun and different for me. 🙂 We also played with a few images with Bryan’s fire helmet and gear too. I love when couples incorporate props and ideas into their session that mean something to them. It makes for sentimental images that are personalized to the couples relationship. 🙂

We then headed over to Berlinsky Community House which features a nice open field backing onto a lake where people walk their dogs and play soccer ect,. I did start to rain a little…and then a lot. I always get super lucky with getting laid back, awesome couples that don’t fret over silly things like a little bit of rainfall. 😛 Natasha and Bryan embraced the downpour and I was able to capture a few very cute rainy pictures. Rainy and overcast images are almost always my favorite kind of pictures to capture. Especially when you have an adorable couple to photograph against it. 🙂

As we waited for the rain to slow down, Natasha & Bryan hoped into a second outfit. They wore matching Orlando City soccer shirts. I loved this idea because I hadn’t seen it done before. But they had their names printed on the back! 🙂 I enjoyed this session a lot. I got to know two lovely people much better and capture a bunch of sweet moments between them all afternoon. What could be better?!

Downtown_Kissimmee_Florida_Engagement_001 Downtown_Kissimmee_Florida_Engagement_002 Downtown_Kissimmee_Florida_Engagement_003 Downtown_Kissimmee_Florida_Engagement_004 Downtown_Kissimmee_Florida_Engagement_005 sign

Baldwin Park || Orlando, FL

Bride & Groom: Amanda & Ian

Today, I have Amanda & Ian’s very cute Baldwin Park engagement session to gush about! I think one of the main things I love about engagement session is how different each of them are. Every couple arrives with their own set of personality traits, fashion styles and unique little quirks. I’m always excited to see what everybody brings to the table the day of their session. Amanda & Ian in particular did not disappoint. These two know how to have a good laugh with each other and play in front of the camera. It was a very fun afternoon of capturing all their sweet little moments together.

We started the session off midway between the lake area and the main shopping area of Baldwin Park center. There’s lots of lush trees and bridges all around which always makes for naturalistic styled photos. We ventured along the pathways grabbing candid images between the two of them and made a stop for one of my favorite areas there. There’s a very popular “waterfall” area that I like so I placed Amanda and Ian just in the middle of it and I was very pleased with how the two of them photographed there. 🙂

Amanda & Ian’s had an outfit change halfway through their engagement session and we made our way towards the dock area just in time for sunset. By this point it had got a little windy which I think worked well for the setting and Amanda’s flowy maxi dress. Luckily, it was much less busy than normal by this point so we were able to dodge the usual unsuspecting photobombers this time around. 🙂 Overall, this was a gorgeous session and I’m so pleased to have captured these moments for this lovely couple. I just cannot wait till the Wedding Day now! 🙂

Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_001 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_002 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_003 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_004 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_005 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_006 sign

Heathrow Country Club || Lake Mary, FL

Bride & Groom: Asha & Josh
Getting Ready LocationThe Westin Lake Mary
Ceremony/Reception: Heathrow Country Club

Today, I am featuring Asha & Josh’s Heathrow Country Club Wedding on the blog and it is surely a lovely one! 🙂 This stunning day started off at The Westin where Asha & Josh got ready in separate rooms among their bridal party and a few family members. The last time I had photographed at Heathrow country club there was a very limited amount of space to get ready. So, if you have quite a few people in your wedding party I would definitely recommend getting ready offsite. I appreciated the amount of natural light spilling into their getting ready rooms that day and the lovely weather we having too.

Once ready, everyone headed over to the Country club and Josh was placed for a First Look to see his Bride before the Ceremony. We used the back flight of steps for those images because they are just lovely. After their sweet moment together and a few portraits we then jumped into their bridal party images.

Asha & Josh then exchanged vows beneath the venues featured gazebo. By the end of the Ceremony we received lots of lovely sunset light to use for family portraits and “officially married” images of the newlyweds. Heathrow Country Club has a ton of areas to take pictures all around the venue. Even right across the street they have lots of lush trees and lakes to take advantage of for pictures.

Asha & Josh entered a beautifully decorated reception ballroom which included coral florals, floating candles, and grey tones. They also included a Photo Booth for guests to enjoy and are always a great hit at wedding receptions! They danced the night away to an incredibly lively evening among their closest friends and family. It was the perfect day for this gorgeous couple. I feel honored to have shared and captured their exceptionally beautiful day.

Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_001 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_002 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_003 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_004 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_005 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_006 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_007 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_008 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_009 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_010 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_011 Heathrow_Country_Club_Lake_Mary_Florida_Wedding_012 sign

Kraft Azalea & Casa Feliz || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Nicole & John

Ok so this engagement session is pretty fabulous. Not just because if features these two lovely people but also because their Wedding is this weekend and I can’t wait to capture all the fun! Until then, I have their very sweet Winter Park engagement session to share. 🙂

We started the session off at…you guessed it! Kraft Azalea Gardens! 🙂 Thankfully, it was low on people traffic which I can always appreciate. We just about had the park to ourselves.

After about an hours worth of images at Kraft Azalea, we then headed over the Casa Feliz which is just a short distance from the park. We must have captured pictures there at the right time of year because the landscaping shrubbery and florals seems to be in full bloom. A favorite in particular was a large bush with lavender colored flowers. I went back to that same spot a few weeks later and all those flowers were gone. Clearly, I know nothing about gardens and when I should expect certain plants to be “ripe”. lol!

This session with Nicole & John was very sweet & fun. I was glad to have been there to capture the afternoon with them and get to know one another better.

So, again with the personal tidbits catching up from last time…I had won a photography competition at 16 and didn’t pick up a professional camera again until I was halfway through college. Initially, I had planned on gaining a Communications degree from Florida Gulf Coast University. So, I moved from Orlando to live in Fort Myers. At first it was great. I was away from home but not so far that I couldn’t drive back every so often. I drove home about every other weekend with two weeks of laundry in tow which I’m sure my mum was extra pleased about. 🙂 It started to turn out that I was having a much better time back in Orlando than what I was having in Fort Myers. But I’ll continue on next time! 😉

Kraft_Azalea_Casa_Feliz_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_001 Kraft_Azalea_Casa_Feliz_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_002 Kraft_Azalea_Casa_Feliz_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_003 Kraft_Azalea_Casa_Feliz_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_004

Rollins College || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Sarah & Justtin

Today, I have Sarah & Justtin’s Rollins College engagement session to show & tell. 🙂 This sweet couple will exchange vows in just a few days and I simply cannot wait to capture what I know is going to be a fabulous day. Until then, feast your eyes on a few personal faves and some highlights from their Winter Park engagement session.

I started the session off capturing Sarah & Justtin around the main school grounds and all my favorite places there. This was about mid-March so the light was pretty fabulous that day as well as the weather being extra comfortable for a change. I definitely recommend that couple photograph their sessions between now and mid-April/early-May for the most comfortable weather here in Florida. 🙂

After an outfit change we then headed over to Rollins college Dinky Dock which is a popular spot for photos. Luckily, I have yet to run into other photographers there but now that I’ve put it out there it will surely happen to me next time. lol! I don’t mind it at all but that particular area isn’t as spread out as I’d like it to be so alternate options are limited unless you start walking back to the college. 😛

I remember when I first started getting into photography properly and Winter Park was always the “go-to” location for session. Over the years, it’s popularity has grown so much that have to stop taking weekend sessions there unless it’s an early morning session. I was just there this past Saturday morning and I must say that morning sessions are becoming my new favorite thing! The lighting is just as good as the afternoon and it’s 100% way more quiet which is a huge plus!

All in all, this was the loveliest of sessions for one of the loveliest of couples and just cannot wait to capture all that their Wedding day has in store! 🙂

Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_001 Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_002 Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_003 Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_004 Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_005 sign

Royal Caribbean Sandals || Montego Bay, Jamaica

Bride & Groom: Alexa & Randall
Ceremony/Reception: Sandals Royal Caribbean

This is another Wedding I’ve been SUPER excited to share on the blog. These highlight images are from Alexa & Randall’s gorgeous Wedding day in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I’ve mentioned Alexa in an earlier blog when I shared their Winter Garden engagement session. To recap, Alexa is my fabulous hair dresser of many years now and when she asked if I would cover her Wedding at Sandals Royal Caribbean I didn’t even think twice about it. I had been to the Caribbean plenty of times but had not yet visited Jamaica. I would certainly visit again for much longer. It’s so beautiful and everybody is so friendly. I did find the lack of urgency there takes a little bit of getting used to. Although, it did just remind me what a control freak I can be and that I need to relax a bit! lol!

Alexa & Randall’s day started with Alexa getting ready with her mom and Grandma putting together her hair and makeup. I ventured around the resort where they were staying to photograph Alexa’s dress & details and I must say the amount of options were endless! I could have easily spent a hour out there but once those images were completed it was back to Alexa’s to capture her finishing touches and putting her pretty dress on.

I then went over to the Honeymoon Suite where Randall was getting ready and I swear every room at this resort is just stunning. After a few images of Alexa’s groom getting prepared it was almost Ceremony time. The Ceremony locations here are so beautiful and perfect for any sized Wedding just about. We were experiencing quite a bit of breeze that day and it seemed to get stronger the closer to the beach you got. But overall this sweet couple had the most perfect day. I felt very blessed and honored to have been there to capture it all for them.

Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_001 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_002 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_003 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_004 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_005 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_012 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_006 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_007 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_008 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_009 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_010 Montego_Bay_Jamaica_Sandals_Florida_Wedding_011 sign

Stoneybrook West || Windermere, FL

Bride & Groom: Julie & Clinton
Ceremony/Reception: Stoneybrook West Golf Club
Coordinator: Plan It Event Design
Cake Artist: Party Flavors
DJ/Lighting: Classic DJ
Make Up Artist: Laura Reynolds Artistry
Florist: Cloud 9 Wedding Flowers

Today, I have a few highlight images from Julie & Clinton’s March Wedding day at Stoneybrook West Golf Club. This was yet another venue first for me! I had heard lots about this particular location but had never photographed a Wedding here before.

Julie & Andrew got ready for their day at a nearby hotel so that they had enough room to gather with their friends and family as they prepared. Julie & Clinton opted for a First Look which I photographed at Stoneybrook behind the building. After images of the two of them together, we met up with their Bridal party and family to complete their images pre-ceremony.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, First Looks are key if you have a later starting Ceremony and you require the best lighting for your photos. I think it’s much easier on the Bride & Groom too because photos post-ceremony end up being far less hectic and they also get to enjoy some of the cocktail hour to mingle with guests. Personally, even if a First Look occurs at a Wedding I’m photographed I still aim to capture 15-20 minutes of “officially married” images post Ceremony if light is available. Luckily for Julie & Clinton, they had timed the end of their Ceremony perfectly. As we started to take their post Ceremony images the sun was starting to set and the weather was just perfect by this point. We were able to capture images on the golf course bridge which I was very pleased with.

There’s nothing like photographing a Wedding day with time left to spare to capture even more fabulous images of the couple before the reception starts. This was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple and I was honored to have gotten to know them both better during their planning for this perfect day! 🙂

Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_001 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_002 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_003 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_004 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_005 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_006 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_007 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_008 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_009 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_010 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_011 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_012 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_013 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_014 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_015 Stoneybrook_West_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_016 sign

Bok Towers || Lake Wales, FL

Bride & Groom: Rachel & Shawn
Ceremony/ReceptionBok Towers
Florist: Cindy’s Floral
CoordinatorRita Horton for Bok Towers
Cake ArtistPublix
DJ/LightingRicardo Bazan
Make Up ArtistLeilani Cooper
DressDavid’s Bridal – Gallina Signature
Groom/GroomsmenMen’s Wearhouse
Photo Booth: Flipbook Creations
CatererTerrie Lobb Catering

I’ve been so excited to post this particular Wedding! I’m automatically biased when it comes my friends getting married and having me capture their day for them. Although, it’s never more “relaxed” for me to cover a friends wedding as compared to a typical day. I photograph each and every day with the same goals & mindset regardless of how I know the couple beforehand. The only difference is that there’s a little bit of extra trust they have in you because they’ve watched your business grow from the bottom up and have been cheerleaders through it all. Rachel & Shawn have been no different.

I was introduced to Rachel when she had been dating Shawn for a little while by that point. I remember being at her 29th Birthday party and Rachel mentioning wanting to have a baby and get married. A year or so later I was photographing Rachel, Shawn, Shawn’s son, and Rachel’s baby bump in Celebration, FL. 🙂 Addy’s newborn photos soon followed along with their family and engagement session too. Then the Wedding all of us had been waiting so long for had finally arrived…and it was well worth the wait!

In February, Rachel & Shawn exchanged vows beneath the bell tower surrounded by their friends and family at Bok Towers Gardens. I had never photographed this location previously but I had heard so much about it up to this point that I was so pleased to be capturing photos there for the first time because of Rachel & Shawn’s Wedding Day. This was probably one of my most favorite days I’ve photographed this year and for obvious reasons. (Luv you guys immensely! xx)

Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_001 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_002 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_003 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_004 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_005 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_006 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_007 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_008 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_009 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_010 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_011 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_012 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_013 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_014 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_015 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_016 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_020 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_018 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_019 sign

Reunion Grand Resort || Orlando, FL

Bride & Groom: Cynthia & Nicolus
Ceremony/Reception: Reunion Grand Resort
Florist: Lee Forrest
Coordinator: Michele Butler
Cake Artist: Party Flavors
DJ/Lighting: Orlando DJ and Lighting
Make Up Artist: Stephanie Felix
Bridesmaid DressesDavid’s Bridal
Videography: Cinemedia Wedding Stories
Harpist: HarpStrings Inc.
Menswear: Weddington Way
Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies (Glynn)
Decor: Over The Top Linens
PaperieSmitten on Paper
RentalsOrlando Wedding & Party Rentals

Eeek! It’s worrying how good I am at putting of blogging consistently. One day, one day! :/ Anyway, I think we’re about due for a Wedding post and today I have Cynthia & Nic’s very lovely day held at Reunion Grand Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. Personally, I love a resort Wedding because I don’t think any other tourist city has the diversity that Orlando does when it comes to hotels and resorts. Cynthia & Nic happened to pick one of my favorite Central Florida resorts for their intimate Wedding day. I love Reunion because it’s very symmetrical and features gorgeous landscaping in their courtyard. I’m a fan of their rooftopp reception space at restaurant Eleven too and the decor this sweet couple picked made me love it even more.

On a side-note, if you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll notice the photo display format has changed thanks to Blogstomp. I had been going back and forth about using it and then just decided to take the plunge to make images easer to pin to Pinterest boards and whatnot. Anybody can use this program too which is always good! I’m still working out the kinks and molding it into my workflow as streamlined as possible but so far I’m pretty happy with it. With that, you can look forward to viewing my blog images in layouts that are much easier on the eye from now on! And what a great example I have today! 😉

Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_001 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_002 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_003 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_004 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_005 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_006 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_007 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_008 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_009 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_010 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_011 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_012 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_013 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_014 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_015 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_016 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_017 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_018 Reunion_Resort_Orlando_Wedding_019 sign

Leu Gardens || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Iga & Stephen

Here are a few images from Iga & Stephen’s Leu Gardens engagement session that I love. Leu Gardens is stunning for a great many and obvious reasons. The only down side is that they do close at different times according to the season. With this being said, lot of the time an engagement session here can only be accomplished for the last hour before closing time if you want to avoid the midday heat. For this reason, I always encourage couples to add an additional location close-by.

I had Iga & Stephen finish the second half of their session along New England Ave. because it’s one of my favorite places and I knew it was going to pretty quite down there around the time we planned.

These two photographed SO sweetly together. Their relaxed nature and fun personalities shone throughout the images which was a real joy to capture that afternoon.

I promised last post for personal tidbits in future blogging entries to give readers an idea of my path to where I am today. So, I’ll go a ways back and share my first taste of “photojournalism”. When I was a 17 year old in High School I entered a Visual Storytelling course for the Orlando Sentinel’s Young journalist workshop they had years ago. I also entered an article I had been working on for weeks into their main event competition. The article I had worked long and hard on never placed anywhere but my photo I submitted on a whim won first place. The photo ended up being featured in the newspaper and I remember just being ecstatic about and really feeling like this might something I delved into one day. A lot more happened between then & now and my choices for life were a lot less clear back then but that moment started the trajectory towards where I am now. But more on that next time! 🙂

Leu_Gardens_Engagement_001 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_002 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_003 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_004 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_005 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_006 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_007 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_008 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_009 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_010 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_011 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_012 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_013 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_014 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_015 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_016 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_017 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_018 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_019 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_020 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_021 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_022 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_023 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_024 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_025 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_026 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_027 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_028 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_029 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_030 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_031 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_032 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_033 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_034 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_035 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_036 sign

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