Yanet + Dan + Abby

I really don’t get to shoot kids that often and I mostly try to stay away from doing it if I can help it. lol! Don’t get me wrong, I love (well-behaved) kids and I have the patience for them but I eventually I want to start talking to them like their puppy dogs when it comes to interacting with them. I have no idea why but there you go. lol. Although, I will make exceptions to photograph gorgeous and well-behaved babies/toddlers/kids. I’ll also make exceptions for friends. haha! 😉 I went to middle school with Yanet and I have got to watch her do the whole family deal: I attended their wedding, I photographed her first maternity pictures when she was pregnant with Abby when I was first starting out and then I photographed Abby’s newborn pictures. This time I got to photograph Yanet’s maternity images with her daughter Abby. Her husband, Dan arrived to do some family images near the end of the session. It was a really fun afternoon catching up and talking all things baby related. I feel like the family path is so far away from me at the moment that I’m always fascinated to hear friends experiences. Anyway, Evan arrived early March and I shall be taking his first pictures this month which I’m sooooo excited about. 🙂

  1. yanet says:

    hehe you do great with kids!! 🙂 They can be little rugrats at times hehe Thank you so much for photographing all the moments in my life so i can treasure them years to come! Cant wait for you to meet Evan <3

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